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Great Man of Assam মহান অসমীয়া

Mahapurush Srimanta Shankardeva(1449–1568) মহাপুৰুষ শ্ৰীমন্ত শঙ্কৰদেৱ : A 15th-16th century Assamese Vaishnavite saint-scholar, playwright, social-religious reformer and a colossal figure in the cultural and religious history of Assam, India.
Nabin Chandra Bordoloi (1875-1936) কৰ্মবীৰ নবীন চন্দ্ৰ বৰদলৈ:  A freedom fighter and political leader of India who has great positive contribution to the political and social atmosphere of Assam. Well known as 'KARMAVEER'
Bishnu Rabha New Black & White
Nabakanta Baruah (29Dec, 1926-14 July, 2002), a poet, children writer and President of Assam Sahitya Sabha in the year 1990 (Biswanath Chariali)
Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das (May 21, 1895- 23rd Januaryy 1975), a patriot, social thinker and reformer of Assam.
Nalinibala Devi,(1898-1977)renowned poet, writer and Sahitya Academy Award Winner.
Lakshminath Bezbaruah, the RAKHARAJ
Chandra Kumar Agarwala (28th November,1867-2nd March,1938), a renowned literary person and poet of Junaki Era. Known for introduction of romanticism in Assamese Poetry.
Jyotiprasad Agarwala
DESHBHAKTA Tarunram Phukan (January 22, 1877-July 28, 1939). A freedom fighter of non-cooperation movement and renowned literary person of Assam . President of Axom Sahitya Sabha in the year 1927 at Goalpara.
Benudhar Rajkhowa (1872-1955), a pioneer poet & song writer of Assam. Attained Presidentship of Asom Sahitya Sabha in the year 1926 held in Dhubri district.
Jyotiprasad Agarwalla (17 June 1903 – 17 January 1951). The 'RUPKONWAR'  and 1st Filmmaker, producer and director of Assamese film 'JOYMOTI' at his young age.
Dr. Ambikagiri Raichaudhury (1885-1967)
Hem Chandra Goswami (1872-1928). Renowned Poet of Assamese literature who popularised SONNET in the language entitling a collection PRIYOTOMAR CHITHI.The president of Axom Sahitya Sabha in the year 1920 held in Tezpur.
Rakharaj,  a pencil sketch collected from a book published in 1966.
Ananda Ram Baruah (1850–1889) আনন্দৰাম বৰুৱা: A great Sanskrit Scholar of Assam and a Lawyer. He was the First I.C.S. and Graduate from the state of Assam.
Lakshminath Bezbarua.(1868-1938). The 'Rakharaj' of Assamese Literature. His BURHI AAIR HADHU, a collection of story for children is still in the highest peak of popularity. His ridiculous writings in 1st person provides the reader the bright aspects of life. The president of Axom Sahitya Sabha in the year 1924, guwahati.

Sayed Abdul Malik(14 January, 1919-19 December, 2000)
Raghunagh Chaudhury (Bihogi Kobi) (1878-1967)
Krishna Kanta Handique (July 20, 1898 - June 7, 1982) reknown Sanskrit Scholar of Assam.
Birendra kumar Bhattacharrya, the GYANPITH winner for his work MRITYUNJOI.
Lakhyadhar Chaudhury (1915) famous literary person known for his works mostly for the children.
Lokopriyo Gopinath Bordoloi(6 June 1890–5 August 1950) the first CM of Assam
GEETI-KABI- Parbi Prasad Baruah((1904-64).
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Kolaguru Bishnu Rabha
Bishnuprasad Rabha, KOLARUGU OF ASSAM. (31st January 1909-1969)

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika (8 September 1926, 5 November, 2011). Renowned  multilingual singer, lyricist, composer, film maker, artist, poet and 'WORLD MAN' who lived his life by singing for the people of the world.
Phani Sarma (1910–1970) was an Assamese theatre actor, playwright, film actor and director. He is honoured and known as Natasurya.