Saturday, 7 May 2011

Clipart & Design ক্লিপ আৰ্ট


Bihu Dancer Art
Rongali Bihu Clipart/ Bihu Clipart/ Bihu horn piper
Durga Puja Logo

Durga Puja Dhaki
Dhaki, symbol of Durga Puja
Indian Bride/ Hindu Bride Clipart
Indian Marriage Clipart Symbol with Lord Ganesha
Paper Bag Clipart

Maa Durga
Durga Maa Clipart
Dhaki Clipart
Indian Bride Clipart
Indian Groom Clipart
Shankha Clipart
Kalash in Hand Clipart
Assamese Horai Clipart
Om Ganga Clipart
Deepak Clipart. Diya Clipart. Indian Lamp Clipart
Ribbon Clipart
Indian Marriage symbol
Note Sheet/Paper Clipart
Decorated Indian Elephant Clipart
Wedding Knot, Indian Marriage Symbol
Hindu Wedding Symbol
Hindi Wedding Note
Shubh Vivah Clipart
Banana Tree Clipart
Assamese Bihu Clipart/ Bihu Horn Piper.
Bihu Clipart Black & White
Bamboo log developed in Photoshop CS5.
Indian Wedding Clipart
Indian Wedding Symbol
Hindu Wedding Symbol
Indian Wedding Bride in Doli
Hindu Wedding Clipart
Indian Wedding Clipart
Mangalik Kalash
Namaskar Clipart High Resolution
Ashok Chakra High Resolution
Sugar Palm Tree
Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding Shenai Player

Ganesh Ji high resolution
Medical Emergency Clipart
Medical Clip Art (caduceus)
Inch Ruler with CM Clipart
Ruler Clipart
Shepherd Clipart
Jesus Clipart
Lord Buddha
Find out those famous personalities
WHEEL marine
Peacock Clipart
Wedding Clipart (indian)
Medical Logo
Banana Tree
Huchipatra Clip for use in megazine
Shubha- bibah
Writing Hand
Lord Krishna
Lord Ganesha


Cardiology Logo


  1. Hi,
    Do you license any of the images above? I would like to use one of the images on a website.
    Could you please answer to this comment?

    1. Anonymous(?), your image is not specified. However, the image may be used with proper credit to the original publisher i.e.

  2. Hi Biswajit,

    Super work. I was looking for clipart images of an Indian bride and an Indian groom (separate individual images). I was wondering if you could help me with that. Needless to add, due credit will be given. Thanks.

    1. Dear doppelganger, name the image you want, describe me the purpose and how you are going to provide me credit, provide me a valid e-mail address, the type of file you want(extension)and wait for my response...

  3. Thanks for the reply Biswajit. The kind of images I'm looking for are not here on the page. Actually, I'm looking for two sketches - one of an Indian bride and one of an Indian groom (separate - not together). The purpose is to use it for a wedding planning website. Will acknowledge your credit on the website. My e-mail address is
    I'm looking for a PNG file. Thanks.

  4. collection ta bhalo, gramer kichu thakle valo hoto

  5. hello sir
    i want the doli image without your bolgs name written on it.
    how can you provide me.
    mail me the details if possible at

  6. I am an artist and would like to use your drawing of the bride and groom throwing flowers into the flame, alter it and use it in a drawing I am creating. my email address is

  7. I like all your design they are nice
    I need to talk to you And where are u located can you plz email Me so I can tell you what images I'm looking for thanks looking forward to here from u soon

  8. Your creations are nice. I really liked them. Can you help me in designing a wedding banner? I have some samples which I can share with you so that you can have an idea what I am looking for and you create your own banner. some thing similar to your clip art (Hindu wedding symbol)

    My email id is

  9. Your creations are wonderful! I really liked the Indian bride and groom clip art. Will you be able to create clip arts for other Indian costumes?

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